Our Profile
In old Gaelic, Eideard means "Guardians of Prosperity". We are a multi-family office founded on the premise that our unique service model would be a welcome alternative to traditional banks, trust companies and brokerages firms for families of exceptional wealth and heritage; families whose principal focus is to preserve their financial legacy for generations to come.

Strategic in scope, our founding members and staff blend more than seventy-five years of investment management, personal trust, accounting and specialty family office experience with a deeply seated commitment to serving a limited number of family relationships.

Privately owned and modest in size; these are the principal tenets cherished by our founders. From this vision springs our core distinction — aligning our interests with each of the families we serve. We understand the gravity of our calling, the responsibility accorded to our endeavors and we are humbled by the confidence of those who entrust their wealth to us.

Our Philosophy
We recognize that every family, often even family members, have varying perceptions and life outlooks. Family history, life circumstances and personal experiences typically shape differences in family or individual needs, goals and desires. All may be as unique as the sources from which the family’s wealth was derived. Accordingly, customizing wealth management today or planning for generational or intergenerational wealth transfer tomorrow is not simply an objective, it is an imperative to preserving financial legacy. We affirm this premise and advocate to each based on need from a universe of options across a full spectrum of family service-related disciplines.

We welcome your inquiry.