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Milestones Along the Way

The end of the third quarter marked a couple of new milestones for the US economy. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the current economic expansion is now the third longest on record having breached 8.5 years and counting. The only other expansions of greater duration occurred over the decade of the 1990's (1991-2001) and in the 60's (1961-1969)...more

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Summer 2017 Commentary

Steathily Higher

A convergence of positive economic influences around the globe has continued to drive US equity markets to new highs through the first half of 2017. Over the first six month stanza, the broad US equity market, as measured by the Russell 3000 index, closed up just over +8.9% and has continued to pierce through +11.0% at this writing...more

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1Q 2017 Commentary

Post-Election Optimism Wanes

As we suspected might soon become reality, the momentous "Trump effect" - which drove the stock market to its year-end high and bond prices to multi-year lows over the post-election period through December - began to retreat as the first quarter wore on. The most...more

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