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3Q 2018 Market Commentary

An Irrational Wave?

To help logically process what we may be witnessing today, it is worthwhile to look back over our shoulder at earlier times and experiences. In that regard, October's nasty selloff is reminiscent of last Spring's stock market antics. Remember when, in January, stocks had extended 2017's already outsized gains by another +7.5% before the wheels fell off at month-end on a surprise (10.1%) market retreat to touch correction territory?...more

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1Q 2018 Market Commentary

Back on a Wilder Ride

Despite the record absence of stock market volatility over the last couple of years, the erratic behavior displayed this past quarter is a poignant reminder of the "risk" associated with equity markets! Lest we forget, investor expectations have always been tied to...more

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4Q 2017 Market Commentary

Running With the Bulls

Surely 2017 will be remembered by all of us as the year that just about everything rose! Buoyed by global economies which strengthened in sync, nearly all world equity markets boasted double digit returns. The MSCI All Country World stock index, which captures just over 85% of the investable opportunities across 23 developed and 24 emerging markets, registered returns in excess of +24% ...more

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