4Q 2020 Market Commentary

Despite that a near-term return to normalcy still remains an uncertainty, we are all so thankful that 2020 is behind us. Given the onset of this global pandemic,...more

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3Q 2020 Market Commentary

Market Movement Highlights

'Trump & the First Lady were Covid infected! Biden leading in most polls three weeks ahead of the Election!" Partisanship has turned toxic. Civil unrest, crime and shootings claim lives and property damage across major US cities. Mayors deflect federal assistance. Climate change said to be wreaking havoc as wild fires consume hundreds of California acres while hurricanes repeatedly slam the gulf coast. Such has been the stunning headline news...more

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2Q 2020 Market Commentary

Market Movement Highlights

Talk about a rodeo, the first half year's financial markets were just that! Who could have imagined that a "natural event" would have so thwarted the financial markets, so materially impacted underlying global economics and so dramatically and decisively changed societal norms as we've just witnessed?...more

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