4Q 2022 Market Commentary

After several years of worry-free cruising financial markets when the only concern was how high can high prices go for equities (especially for technology stocks) 2022 delivered a brutal reminder of just how quickly the markets can turn...more

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3Q 2022 Market Commentary

All of us who have a stake in the financial markets painfully know that stock and bond price volatility continued to swing wildly through the close of another quarter, leaving returns for the third consecutive three month period and the year-to-date substantially negative and in bear market territory...more

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2Q 2022 Market Commentary

As we reach the mid-year point in the financial markets, the million dollar question is whether a recession is imminent. Most would suggest the answer is yes, but at best the answer is arguable. Current technicals are both positive and negative...more

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1Q 2022 Market Commentary

These early months of 2022 have given witness to the stark reminder of how an abrupt shift in Federal Reserve policy (a wake-up call so to speak) can so quickly reset financial market pricing and so rudely awaken investor fears. This after over fifteen years (but for a few sporadic months) of zero interest rate policies, a stock market that has long benefited from a low rate environment and a bond market that has been dancing with bears!...more

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