4Q 2023 Market Commentary

"Pushing back on overly-hyped recessionary expectations, and even a soft landing, the economy displayed extraordinary resilience in 2023! But for a couple of hiccups early on and later in the year,"...more

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3Q 2023 Market Commentary

Harkening back to our mid-year market commentary we offered the following question; "Were we at that time witnessing what may have only been a short-lived bear market rally or were we truly on the cusp of a new bull market cycle?"...more

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2Q 2023 Market Commentary

Have you heard about the "Mega Seven" stocks or Nvidia? And what's up with AI or what is being termed Generative AI these days? More on that shortly!...more

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1Q 2023 Market Commentary

Following a gut wrenching 2022, stocks and bonds rallied sharply in January posting +6.3% and +3.2%, respectively, amid optimism that the Fed would soon pivot away from continuing rate hikes. However, stronger than anticipated economic data in February quickly dashed those hopes as both markets pulled back on average some (2.6%). In these inflationary times, it now seems that any good economic news is construed as bad news by the Fed!...more

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