Foremost, our wealth management services are comprehensive in nature. Our offerings and platforms are robust. Our skill, professional experience and advocacy have been nurtured by years of serving the wealthy. So too, we embrace the value of our role as a key facilitator, coordinating all aspects of family wealth with other advisors such as business, legal, tax, and insurance professionals.

Independent and Objective Counsel
Eideard Group matches your investment portfolio with your objectives, needs and expectations. The crucial first step in this process is to become intimately familiar with your family: its history, family member dynamics and its broad perspectives on the future. Next, we shift our attention to your finances, investments, and tax situation. Paramount for mutual success is defining and clearly articulating your financial perspectives including investment objectives, time horizon, liquidity needs and tolerance for risk. These become key elements of your family’s portfolio investment policy. Armed with extensive personal and financial information, we then invoke our investment manager search and selection process to construct a custom-tailored portfolio embracing the full spectrum of asset classes. Whether this is done on behalf of your family (discretionary) or in concert with its key members (consultation) our process entails exhaustive due diligence focused on a stable of qualified and independent portfolio managers.

Private Investment
Well beyond the horizon of public securities investing, Eideard will complement your traditional portfolio with a universe of alternative investments ranging from promising private equity and venture capital opportunities to investments in real estate partnerships and hedge funds. For the truly entrepreneurially-minded family interested in establishing another family venture, Eideard offers strategic business planning, financial modeling and reporting, and advice on corporate governance.

Reporting for Business and Individuals
Eideard recognizes the failure of the investment industry to provide comprehensive yet simple and readable client statements whether they are investment reports or financial statements. We have simplified the process of accurately reporting to your family using proprietary reporting formats that are customized to what you wish to see in an easily readable report.

Tax Oversight
We implement tax planning strategies focused on income and wealth transfer tax reduction to minimize your tax burden. We work closely with your tax professionals, or we will recommend leading tax experts, to maximize your tax savings. We embrace our mission to advise, facilitate, coordinate, and deliver.

Specialty Family Office Services
Years of family office service has taught us that client family needs extend well beyond financial management. Eideard performs a broad range of unique services that are distinctive to each family and administered by our highly qualified staff. Explore with us the myriad of customized family office services we can provide.

Philanthropic Planning
Philanthropy is often a driving force for many charitably-minded families of distinctive wealth. Our philanthropic advisor provides customized charitable gift planning for individuals, as well as philanthropic planning, administration and grant making services for foundations. This includes developing strategic mission statements. All are done with the singular aim of meeting your charitable wishes.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Planning
Our focus on protecting your family’s legacy necessitates a comprehensive understanding of wealth transfer taxation (gift, estate and generation skipping) and the techniques most often used to minimize transfer costs. Our professionals will assist your family in navigating the maze of confiscatory taxation and will coordinate appropriate solutions with your family’s legal professionals to help maximize wealth transfer today and for generations to come.