4Q 2021 Market Commentary

The pronounced downside volatility and re-pricing of US stocks in these early weeks of 2022 have for sure been disheartening, but in order to temper our growing concern we must look back on where stocks have come from. The US equity market, as measured by the S&P 500, ...more

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3Q 2021 Market Commentary

As the third quarter drew to a close the most pervasive of unanswered economic questions yet remains; whether or not inflation, spiking as it has, is finally here to stay. As we all know, earlier in the year, the Fed brushed it aside as transitory...more

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2Q 2021 Market Commentary

Are you fully vaccinated yet? Doing some "revenge" shopping, leaving take-out behind for in-person dining with your best friends at your favorite hangout or perhaps you're about to board a cruise ship for the open seas?? According to a June Gallup poll,...more

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1Q 2021 Market Commentary

Looking back on what is now just over a year ago, the broad US equity market, triggered by an expanding natural contagion, collapsed by -34%. On that day (3/23/20) with fear permeating all financial markets, much like a video replay of 2008, would anyone have dared place a bet on so imminent a market recovery or the fact that the stock market would eventually close out the year delivering high double-digit returns?...more

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